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Yes, we are willing to repair any brand of power supply. It should be noted though that some types are unlikely to be economical to repair (Note: Unfortunately it is rarely economically viable to repair standard PC and other domestic PSUs on a one-off basis. We are only willing to consider repairing such supplies on a quantity of contract basis).
Please contact us with details of your failed power supply, by email, letter or using the form at the bottom of this page. We will need to know the make and model number of the item to be repaired. When we receive the supply, we will carry out an examination of your power supply and then send you a firm quotation, either by email, fax or letter. If the quotation is accepted, we will then require a purchase order to enable an invoice to be issued. Should you not wish to proceed, we will return the product in an un-serviced condition (carriage costs may apply).
No. If you contact us first, all we require is your name and contact details.
No. Evaluation is free, providing you have contacted us prior to sending it in. We do not cover return shipping costs.
No. If we cannot repair your PSU due to unforeseen reasons, there will be no service charge. We can either return the product in an un-serviced condition or, alternatively, we can dispose of the unit at your request (Note: At our discretion – There may be a fee for the disposal of some equipment).
We offer a 3-month warranty on all repairs.
We generally restrict our service to EU countries. In special circumstances we may extend the service outside of the EU.
For existing customers, with a credit account, our terms are 30 days. For customers without an account, payment is usually required prior to the repair unit being returned. The following payment methods are accepted: Cheque, BACS or Paypal (we can send you a Paypal invoice). In certain circumstances we can accept direct payment by credit card via our sister company (TV Bay).
This is dependent on the nature of the repair (we may be subject to lead times for components ordered for the repair) and our current work load. It will generally be between 3 and 15 days from receipt of the unit.
There are no customs issues for clients within the EU. All non-EU customers must contact us for detailed shipping instructions.
This depends on the individual supply. We are able to offer a variety of both standard "off the shelf" and custom power solutions. We do not currently engage in manufacturing PSU's ourselves.
No. We do not sell electronic components and are unable to disclose product information.
Yes, another section of our company (Effect Systems) has many years experience in the broadcast equipment and scientific repair arenas. Please contact us for further information.

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